The fact that most guys’ first response to a woman wanting equality is “SO CAN I HIT U NOW” is sort of terrifying
Like that’s the first thing you’re concerned about? I just want equal pay and you want to punch me in the face? Cool cool

"I do blame you Sara. Every single thing that’s gone wrong in our lives, is your fault. You got on that stupid boat, with my boyfriend. You didn’t call us to tell us that you were still alive, even though it probably would’ve saved Mom and Dad’s marriage, and you brought some crazy assassin to Starling City who nearly killed Mom and who poisoned me. You, you stole my whole life away from me.”


drake just wrote his whole next album sitting in that chair 

@zacefron donated to ALSA.org and took the #icebucketchallenge PART 2

@ashleytisdale: @zacefron donated to ALSA.org and took the #icebucketchallenge PART 2

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nikki Reed at the Farmers Market (Aug 17, 2014)


Sorry we haven’t had time to do the ice bucket challenge… (x

Ashley Tisdale being interviewed at “Shark Week” Show